Saturday, February 7, 2009

Outfits we wore to David Copperfield + 2 pics from today

Me and Kyrsten from today
Me and Xavier from today

Here are the outfits we were to David Copperfield. I think we all looked pretty nice if I do say so myself

New Hair pics

So I decided I needed to go get my hair cut because it had been so long since I had been laid up for so long and everything and Xavier got his hair cut too. Kyrsten was the only one who didnt get a haircut because she is trying to grow her hair out until it has to be shaved part way for her surgery in june so here is a picture of our new hair cuts.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Random Pics


David Copperfield

We went to go see David Copperfield last week and it was awesome. At first I honestly thought we werent going to make it because there was an Orlando Magic game going on that I did not know about. The show was supposed to start at 830 and we parked the car at 840 so I honestly thought we had missed part of the show but thankfully david was running behind himself so we were able to get seated and catch our breath before the show actually started. Ive seen David before many times with my parents but this was the kids first time seeing him and they were overly estactic about seeing him because they have seen every single special I have on VHS tape from way back in 1980(wow makes me feel old). I cant tell you what part was more enjoyable-watching David amaze me again or watching the look on the kids faces when he did his tricks. He put on an excellent show as usual and as always left us wanting more and wondering how he did the things he did-even though weve watched the show magics greatest secrets revealed. After the show as we were walking back to the car, we walked past the stage door sign and so the kids and I decided to wait a few to see if we could meet him. So as were standing there about 8 other people show up with the same idea. We stood there for awhile and were about to give up when the stage door opened up and one of the assistants looked at us and said "you guys in here" and I honestly thought we were in trouble or something. So we went in and I looked into the room across from us and saw David sitting there. and I think about the same time I realized what was going on the kids looked up at me with a shocked look on thier face because they realized what was about to happen too. The assiatant led us in the room and we hung out talking to david about 10 minutes. We took pictures but on a cell phone, so the color turned out a bit funky but you can still tell who is in the picture. But David was sooooooo nice. We were the only ones who got to go backstage and meet him so the whole time we were back there it was just us and david hanging out. So he really outdid himself this time in making the whole night a magical experience for all of us. I cant wait until he comes back again so we can go see him again. I will post the picture for you all to see.